A Good Working Climate - Feel Good and Work Well

Comfortable working and store environments are no longer a luxury. Most people today enjoy centrally heated homes and experience the comfort of air conditioning whilst out shopping or travelling in their cars, and this raises expectations within the workplace.

Perhaps, more importantly, there is good evidence to support the business case for managing the temperature within your workplace.

Recent research has shown that concentration is reduced and therefore productivity suffers when working in a workplace which is too hot or too cold. Lack of concentration may also lead to increased risk of accident. More commonly workers can become irritable, and feel tired. From a customer perspective we are less likely to spend time in or return to establishments that make us feel uncomfortable.

What is an acceptable temperature in the Workplace?

Informal guides suggest that a comfort zone of between 16C/61F to 24C/72F is suitable for most types of work.

The Chartered Institute of Building Services provide the following recommendations for temperature in different work areas:

  • Light work in factories - 16C/61F

  • Office and dining rooms - 20C/68F

  • Heavy work in factories - 13C/55F

  • Hospital wards and shops - 18C/64F

Minimum Working Temperature

Health & Safety Regulations set an enforceable minimum working temperature BETWEEN 13C/55F AND 16C/61F. Below this employees have the effective right to refuse to work. However, an employer is normally allowed an hour, from start of work, to achieve this temperature.

Maximum Working Temperature

Although Health & Safety Regulations set no maximum working temperature, it states that "During working hours, the temperature inside workplace buildings must be reasonable". However the Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) to the regulations set out that "all reasonable steps should be taken to achieve a comfortable temperature", this may be taken to include the provision of suitable fans, or portable air conditioning, air-cooling or Climate Control equipment. Check out your cooling requirements with our Cooling Calculator.

What an employer can do

There are a variety of temporary and permanent options available.

Fans and Air Movers

Portable air conditioners

Evaporative Coolers

Fixed Air Conditioning

Full Climate Control

Calculate your Cooling Needs with our Cooling Calculator/ and your Heating Needs with our Heating Calculator (hyperlinks in heating as well)

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